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IOT Gone Wrong.

IOT Gone Wrong.

IOT Devices are abundant nowadays, but are they secure? We talk about some of the issues and concerns you should have when you buy an IOT device.

Get your brand going!

Build Your Brand.

Creating a distinctive mark for your organization or business is key to standing out of the crowd. We provide some insight into how you can get started building your own brand today.

How secure is your TLS?

How Secure is your Site?

Just because you have TLS doesn't mean your secure! Many hosting services can have flaws in their implementations that can leave you vulnerable.

Protect your data, know the risks.

Keep Your Data Secure.

Keeping your data secure should be your number one priority, but doing so may mean sacrificing conveniences that you're accustomed to.

Smooth Scrolling in vanilla JS.

Smooth Scrolling in JS.

Smooth Scrolling in vanilla JS that's around 2kb when compressed. Responsive, easy to use and open source!

Make your images download faster.

Compress Your Images.

Loading large numbers of images can really slow down your browser. Taking the time to reduce the size of pngs and jpgs or to optimize them can help reduce your site's size significantly.

Getting your First Website.

Deciding To Get a Website.

Thinking about getting your very own domain? We have some recommendations about how you could benefit from your very own website.


Should It Network.

With the latest wave of IOT devices should you consider making your everyday appliances accessible remotely?


Our Design Philosophies.

At Axolsoft we take pride in our work, making lightweight websites, apps and more that help prevent network congestion.


Scalable Vector Graphics.

Scalable images using XML means you can write one and be done. No more attempting to scale pngs or jpegs!


The Power of Regular Expressions.

For writers, editors, programmers and anyone who writes on a computer. Learn about regular expressions and see how they can help boost your productivity!

Raspberry Pi 3.

Raspberry Pi 3.

A micro-computer for use by enthusiasts in embedded systems, prototyping, drones and more.



An ultralight and embeddable scripting language that's platform agnostic. Write once run everywhere.

Doc Fu.

Doc Fu.

How good is your doc fu? Enhance how your search and get what you need faster, save your time and even save money.

Security through Automation.

The Cyber Grand Challenge, Security through Automation.

A machine only competition, the first of it's kind competed for a $3.7 million prize pool and here's what came out of it.

Get Off My LAN!

Speed Up your Browsing

Speed up your web browser with these suggestions.

Get Off My LAN!

Get off My LAN!

10 Quick Tips to help keep intruders out of your network.

Improve your site.


Make sure your site is looking it's best on social media and more.

Secure your Emails.

Secure your Emails

Make sure you know the best ways to prevent email spoofing with this quick guide.

Git for automatic deployments.

Git for Server Deployments

Use git to expedite your deployments. Get all the benefits of git, such as redundancy to protect from data loss, optimized transit, and one click deployment.

Contributing back to the community.

Emphasis on Open Source

Ever thought about contributing to Open Source? A quick synopsis on what we think and even a little help on how to get started.

Think about improving your discoverability

Benefits of SEO

Even the best web developers need a little help being discovered. We talk about some the key concepts to build up your presence with well known search engeins.

Secure your webpages

HTTPS as a Standard

Thinking about securing your website? We suggest how you can get started for free and how to secure your very own webservers.

A new design flow

A.T.R.I.A, an improved design methodology.

A quick overview of a practical workflow for small teams. We find that it applies well to projects on a short time frame while producing a high quality product.

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