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Emphasis on Open Source

Open Source is a critical aspect of modern day software development. It's a way we can all contribute, from the most experienced to the budding developer. In a fashion similar to that of public service, the work of many can be used to create something truly fantastic, to be a bit grandiose. At Axolsoft we strongly emphasize open source contributions for our own developers. However it is something that can't be forced, it's something you simply find yourself a part of.

So how does one even get started in Open Source? I've heard from quite a few that it can be difficult to either pick a project, or there's concern over one's capacity to genuinely contribute anything in the first place. These are concerns that everyone deals with when taking part in any project for the first time. In fact these are the same feelings most people almost always expirience doing anything for the first time. With that said here are some suggestions.

  1. Pick something you have personal interest in.
  2. Just do it!

It's as simple as that. Personally I recall not partaking in open source development for some time, when I was starting out. What ended up changing was my personal investment in a project, something I genuinely was interested in. It was through that I found myself researching as much as I could to contribute, and contribute I did! For me it's quite an enjoyable feeling to be a part of something that can help others. For you it's a matter of finding out what drives you the most! An open source project doesn't have to be a labor of love, but it should be something you enjoy. If you find you forcing yourself to participate, try another project.

At this point you may be wondering what benefits are there from taking part in such a project? For us we have used quite a large sum of code from open source projects. We feel it is our turn to start contributing as well. Think of it like take a penny leave a penny. It doesn't have to be a lot, and it doesn't have to be equivalent, but it's nice to do from time to time. Now don't take that quite literally, large contributions are fantastic as well!

Additionally contributing to open source projects pushes individuals to work together, creating collaboration in place of isolation. Cooperatively developing software is a wonderful experience, and not only are you enjoying it, but you're also creating something tangible that others can work with and enjoy as well.

If you try this out you may just find that your contributions may go farther than expected. You may even find yourself to become a creator of your own personal open source project. Only time will tell!

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