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Our Design Philosophies

At Axolsoft we take pride in the sites we build. Personally I have worked with a variety of web building tools, frameworks and templates. However no matter what I used, it seemed like the same problem was always present, they were too big! In some cases I have witnessed websites that are up to 20 MB or more in size (and that's not even the worst of them). In most cases you may not think much of it, but every visitor has to download that site in it's entirety when they visit it. If you have hundreds of visitors every minute, you're talking about moving 2 Gigabytes over the course of that single minute, talk about network congestion!

On most networks we have a decent amount of bandwidth, something along the lines of 20 MBps or higher. So in theory this site shouldn't take too long to download. The problem is that it's wastefully using your bandwidth, assuming it has it all to itself. In a perfect scenario where you are the only one using the network, you're probably going to be fine. But if anyone else is using it (perhaps watching Netflix) you're going to notice some issues. There just isn't going to be enough room for everything to move through at top speed, things are going to slow down, noticeably.

image credit GDJ @ openclipart

You probably have experienced something like this last time you were at a fair or some other large outdoor event. Almost everyone is on the WAN (Wide Area Network) via a cell tower or 2 with their devices and everyone is trying to squeeze through with their own downloads. It can be frustrating, at best.

Similarly to a jam packed highway at rush hour, multiple large requests coming down the line for a website, an app or a streaming video all need to use the same final route to your device. When someone takes the time to reduce their site's size or service overhead, their footprint noticeably decreases. The user will generally perceive that speeds have improved, as there is just less to download. Less is more!

We set out with the idea that we can help solve this problem. We take the internet for granted, but it's a limited resource, it is exhaustible (in regards to consuming limited bandwidth for a duration of time). That's why all of our products and services are developed in an incredibly lightweight and efficient manner. We like to build things from scratch, not because we can do it better, but because we can do it lighter. Users shouldn't have to wait forever for services and websites to load, and this should apply in any scenario. Whether you're on a high speed fiber optic network or a low speed dial up connection (yes, they still exist). The perceived speed should be nearly the same.

With all our emphasis on ultralight development, how does it fare in the wild? Well it turns out, quite well. For example this page weighs in under 125 KB. Which on an average connection (20 MBps or higher) can load in about 0.2 - 0.4 seconds. This means a few things:

When considering how you want your site to make a difference on the web. Consider Axolsoft for your web site building and hosting needs. You can contact us at inquiries@axolsoft.com with your requests and we'll get back to as soon as we can. Additionally we are in the works for a brand new website and a brand new online website building tool. Once this is online users will be able to signup and create sites quickly and easily, all while knowing their sites are incredibly streamlined for optimal distribution. Stay tuned for the good news when this system comes out!

Questions? Corrections? Concerns? Contact us at inquiries@axolsoft.com